Healthy inside & beautiful outside
Physical wellbeing, natural radiance, productivity, joie de vivre – our health has many facets and is a complex balancing act. All too often, external factors – ironmental influences, nutrition, lack of movement – throw us off-balance.
...with a perfect, contemporary skincare product...
“Conventional skincare products are insufficient, in particular when it comes to skin problems such as neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. This experience awoke within me the desire to develop my own skincare line. My vision: to process the powers of nature as purely possible and make them available for men and women, young and old, large and small.”
...a true elixir of life...
“From the very beginning, the focus of my research and development was on colostrum – the particularly rich first milk with which mammals feed their newborns immediately after birth. A real elixir of life that forms the basis of all infinita products.”
...developed and produced in Germany.
Since infinita was founded in 2013, all of our colostrum products have been consistently further developed. During development, the focus is always on the highest quality ingredients and production processes. Our German production site and close cooperation with pharmacies from across Germany guarantee that infinita products are of the highest quality.
infinita: Healthy inside & beautiful outside
skin care
Pure skin health
The new infinita SKINCARE range is distinguished predominantly by one very valuable ingredient: colostrum. When combined with other high-quality natural ingredients, this “elixir of life” can be used effectively as a therapeutic and cosmetic remedy, in particular in the areas of skin health and skin care.
Colostrum is also effective against the physiological aging of our bodies:
  • The antioxidant properties protect our cells against degeneration
  • The growth factors accelerate the regeneration of our tissue
  • The enzyme telomerase prevents i.a. premature ageing and shortens the healing process of damaged cells
Colostrum offers natural and highly effective support and care for injured, aged or simply stressed and strained skin. By simultaneously strengthening and supporting the whole organism, colostrum contributes to a generally good state of health and, therefore, to a positive radiance.
To create the SKINCARE series, infinita has transformed intensive research and development into an ideal colostrum formula:
  • Regeneration of injured and scarred skin
  • Regeneration and stimulation of ageing skin
  • Overcoming skin allergies
  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Prevention of wrinkles and dry skin
  • Daily skin care for men & women
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Purely natural and organic
Nowadays we are more and more concerned about where our food comes from. Because only high-quality foods can promote physical health. Our colostrum comes from happy cows that are kept on a species-appropriate organic farm in southern Germany. This, in addition to gentle cold processing, is a fundamental requirement for guaranteeing the best quality.
Colostrum is the nutritious first milk that newborn mammals receive from their mother immediately after birth. Organic product – guaranteed free from antibiotic residue produced using gentle, state-of-the-art processing technology.
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Colostrum, also known as first milk, is one of the oldest and most extraordinary foodstuffs that can be found in nature. It is as old as motherhood itself, because colostrum is the first milk that a mammal produces for its offspring in the first 24 to 72 hours after the birth. No other natural product contains so many perfectly balanced and highly concentrated substances as colostrum.
“Works like a natural antibiotic”
The following effects of colostrum have been observed and proved in numerous studies:
  • Strengthening the defences by developing the immune system
  • Protection against bacteria and viruses
  • Repair of DNA and RNA
  • Anti-inflammatory effects, not only successful in treating arthritis
  • Helps with states of exhaustion e.g. burnout syndrome
  • Blood sugar-regulating mechanisms
  • Protection against autoimmune-illnesses such as asthma, allergies, arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Muscle strengthening and muscle building effect
  • Protection against muscle loss and promotion of dietary fat loss
  • Cancer protection
  • Anti-aging

Strengthening the immune system with colostrum

The Institute for Scientific Evaluation of Naturopathy at the University of Cologne investigated colostrum as part of a study. It was proven that the extract neutralises free radicals in the body and activate the immune cells. There are as yet no known side effects.
Regeneration of injured and scarred skin
Colostrum contributes towards wounds healing more quickly and with a lower risk of infection. The high levels of amino acids and growth factors in colostrum activate the skin’s metabolism so that it receives an optimal supply of oxygen and nutrients. In addition, the growth factors stimulate cell regeneration. Amino acids and cytokines prevent inflammation, while immunoglobulins and natural growth factors boost collagen production – which can prevent scarring or soften existing scars. For this reason, colostrum is used to treat surgical scars.

Regeneration and stimulation of ageing skin
Just like damaged skin, ageing skin also profits from the growth factors and amino acids in colostrum. An improved metabolism and increased oxygen supply give the skin back its healthy glow, while newly stimulated collagen production reduces wrinkles. The epidermal growth factor is the one primarily responsible for the youthful appearance of the skin. Its activity in the body decreases with age. Here, colostrum can be used to provide a natural balance. The epidermal growth factor in colostrum stimulates skin growth and regeneration, rejuvenating the skin. Even the damage caused by UV rays can be partly remedied and simultaneously reduce the risk of skin cancer. Age-related pigmentation can be alleviated or even made to vanish completely.

Overcoming skin allergies
The immunoglobulins in colostrum support the body’s defences and calm an overactive immune system. Allergies can be successfully overcome by taking colostrum. The powerful iron-binding protein “lactoferrin” in colostrum supports the body’s immune system.

Cosmetic treatment
The epidermal growth factor “EgF” can be found in colostrum and stimulates the skin cells and, therefore, skin regeneration. In a very short time, the skin becomes significantly smoother and more supple, and wrinkles are reduced.

Prevention of wrinkles and dry skin
Thanks to its unique composition, colostrum inhibits the growth of bacteria and alleviates and prevents skin irritation such as redness and dry skin. The growth factors found in colostrum stimulate collagen production and the skin regenerates. For constantly dry skin that is prone to premature wrinkling, colostrum can act as an anti-ageing agent: Wrinkles are visibly smoothed, the skin gets more supple.

Daily skin care
Colostrum can make an important contribution towards the daily care of your skin. It contains high concentrations of essential vitamins, in particular the vitamin B complex, which plays an important role in the regeneration of organisms and skin. Colostrum is just as rich in vitamins A, C and E, minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, and trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc and selenium. A combination of vitamins A, C and E combined with zinc and selenium can protect the skin against free radicals.
infinita Colostrum Forte products are the per se dietary supplements for people of all ages and provide the substances suitable for everyone from the youngest member of the family to the oldest. Existing deficiencies are remedied, resilience increased and healing processes stimulated. In this way, colostrum boosts and maintains mental and physical performance and promotes health.
    Colostrum has a virus antibody that acts against viral invaders. A wide range of antiviral factors have been discovered in colostrum. This research was done at the US Government‘s Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Dr. E.L.Palmer,; Journal of Medical Virology

  • Colostrum contains Non Specific Inhibitors that inhibit a wide range of respiratory illnesses, notably influenza viruses. Colostrum is specifically cited for its unique effectiveness against potentially deadly outbreaks of Asian flu viruses that emerge from animal/human mutations.
  • Drs. Shortridge,; Journal of Tropical Pediatrics

  • Glycoproteins in bovine colostrum inhibit the attachment of the helicobactor pylori bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. Colostrum contains significant amounts of Interlukin-10 (a strong inflammation inhibitory agent), found significant in reducing inflammation in arthritic joints and injury areas.
  • Dr. Olle Hernell, Universität von Ulmea, Schweden, Wissenschaft

  • Colostrum and breast milk (from cows and humans) stimulate the newborn‘s immune system; as yet unidentified proteins speed the maturation of cultured B lymphocytes (type of white blood cell) and prime them for the production of antibodies.
  • Dr. Michael Julius, McGill University, Montreal; Science News

  • Human clinical study: immune factors in cow colostrum, when taken orally, are effective against disease-causing organisms in the intestinal tract. Ingestion of bovine colostrum‘s immunoglobulins may be a new method of providing passive immunoprotection against a host of gut-associated diseases (viral and bacterial).
  • Dr. R. McClead,; Pediatrics Research

  • Studies with human volunteers found that the preservation of the biological activity of IgG (immunoglobulin G) in the digestive secretions of adults receiving bovine colostrum orally, indicates passive enteral (intestinal) immunisation for the prevention and treatment of acute intestinal diseases.
  • Dr.L.B. Khazenson; Microbial & Epidemial Immunobiology

  • Colostrum stimulates the lymphoid tissue, thus benefitting aged or immunodeficient people. Nature has used the oral route for the development of the immune system since the origin of mammals (safe and effective). Oral administration of immunofactors is simple, inexpensive, free of side effects and may be vastly beneficial in the correction of immunodeficiency in veterinary and HUMAN medicine.
  • Drs. Bocci, Bremen, Corradeschi, Luzzi and Paulesu, Journal Biology 8/40

  • Immunoglobulin from bovine Colostrum effectively reduces and prevents viral and bacterial infections in immune-deficient subjects: bone marrow recipients, premature babies, AIDS, etc.
  • New England Journal of Medicine

  • Researchers reported that colostrum stimulates maturation of B lymphocytes (type of white blood cell) and primes them for the production of antibodies, and enhances the growth and differentiation of white blood cells. Similar activity in cow and human colostrum can also activate macrophages.
  • Dr. M. Julius, McGill University, Montreal;: Science News

  • Immunoglobulin in colostrum has been used to successfully treat: thrombocytopenia, anemia, neutropenia, myasthenia gravis, Guillain–Barré syndrome, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, bulluos pemphigoid, Kawasaki disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and Crohn‘s disease, among others.
  • Dr. Dwyer; New England Journal of Medicine

  • PRP (proline-rich polypeptide) in bovine colostrum has the same ability to regulate activity of the immune system as hormones of the thymus gland. It activates an underactive immune system, helping it fight diseasecausing organisms. PRP also suppresses an overactive immune system, such as is often seen in autoimmune diseases. PRP is highly anti-inflammatory and also appears to act on T-cell precursors to produce helper T-cells and suppressor T-cells.
  • Drs. Staroscik,, Molecular Immunology

  • Bovine colostrum contains TgF-B which has an important suppressive effect on cytotoxic substances (anti-inflammatory). It inhibits the cell growth of human osteosarcoma (cancer) cells (75% inhibition). It is a mediator of fibrosis and angiogenesis (healing of heart muscle and blood vessels), (Roberts et al., 1986), accelerates wound healing (Sporn et al., 1983) and bone formation (Centrella et al., 1987).
  • Drs. Tokuyama and Tokuyama, Cancer Research Inst. Kanazawa Univ., Japan

  • Only the retinoic acids found in colostrum conferred protection and reduced the colonization of the herpes virus. Although not a cure, retinoic acids effectively reduce the herpes virus to levels at which the body‘s immune system could fight off an outbreak (1/100 to 1/10,000 viruses remained active after treatment).
  • Drs. Charles Isaacs,; Experimental Biology, Science

  • Growth factors in bovine colostrum were found to be very effective in promoting wound healing. It is recommended for trauma and surgical healing, for both external and internal applications.
  • Drs. Sporn,; Science

  • The IGF-1 found in colostrum stimulates bone and muscle growth and nerve regeneration. Also found: topical administration to wounds resulted in more effective healing.
  • Drs. Skottner, Arrhenius-Nyberg, Kanje and Fyklund, Acta. Paediatric Scandinavia, Sweden

  • High age is associated with reduced levels of the growth hormones GH and IgF-1. Induction of GH and IgF-1 increases body weight of aged subjects through muscle growth.
  • Drs. Ullman, Sommerland & Skottner, Dept. of Pathology and Pharmacology, Univ. Of Gothenburg, Sahlgren Hospital & HabiVitrum AB, Stockholm, Schweden.

  • Bovine colostrum contains high levels of growth factors that promote normal cell growth and DNA synthesis.
  • Drs. Oda, Shinnichi,; Comparative Biochemical Physiology

  • The cartilage inducing factor A (CIF-A), found in colostrum, stimulates cartilage repair.
  • Drs. Seyedin, Thompson, Bentz,; Journal of Biological Chemistry

  • Clinical studies show that the IgE (immunoglobulin E) found in bovine colostrum may be responsible for regulating allergic response.
  • Drs. Tortora, Funke & Cast, Microbiology
Provide outstanding protective measures both in the treatment and prevention of viral, bacterial and mycotic infections. Specific antibodies contribute to combating illnesses such as pneumonia, dysentery, candidiasis, flu and numerous other illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, neutropenia, myasthenia gravis, Crohn‘s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and many others.

Cytokines are the immune system’s messengers that communicate within our immune system and thus ensure that the appropriate immune response is activated in the case of an illness. They stimulate the lymph nodes and have highly effective antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, in particular in arthritic joints and for injuries.

Growth factors
Are almost identical to human growth factors. They stimulate the normal growth of cells, accelerate the regeneration and repair of old or injured muscles, skin (collagen production), bone, cartilage and nerve cells and stimulate the body to burn fat instead of its own muscle tissue. They repair DNA and RNA, balance blood sugar levels and help to effectively repair burns and injuries and rejuvenate the skin.

Enable immune and growth factors to pass through the stomach’s acidic environment by stopping the stomach enzymes (proteases) from breaking them down.

Research shows great potential for applications against numerous types of cancer and viral illnesses.

Lactoferrin, transferrin
Transport iron to the red blood cells and prevent bacterial and viral access to iron. As viruses require a host cell to reproduce, it is effectively prevented.

PRP (proline-rich polypeptides)
Support and regulate the thymus gland and have a regulating effect on the immune system. An overactive immune system (autoimmune) is calmed, a weak immune system is stimulated.

Lactoperoxidase-thiocyanate, xanthine oxidase
Extremely effective antibacterial systems.

Binds red components in the blood with iron(III).

Bacterial inhibitor.

Vitamin H, important for the skin, hair, cholesterol metabolism and the central nervous system.

Reduces blood sugar levels.

Activates secretion from the mammary glands.

Transport protein, causes the catabolism of long-chain fatty acids in the mitochondria, important for muscle metabolism, performance-enhancing.

Enzyme. Telomerase counteracts telomere (end chromosome strand) shortening during cell division. It has been determined that this enzyme is not present in people with progeria. Lessens with age. Intensive research is currently being carried out to determine the extent to which telomerase plays a role in the ageing process.

Hormones that counteract depression.
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